The exhibition year is drawing to a close – K 2019 and Chinacoat

WILHELM NIEMANN auf der K 2019
WILHELM NIEMANN auf der Chinacoat 2019

At the worldwide largest plastics trade fair K in Düsseldorf company NIEMANN presented the product innovations 2019. Consistent with the new machines also the exhibition stand was shining in a new look. The new KREIS-BASKET-MILL®-RS, as well as the new laboratory machine, type KREIS-DISSOLVER® 31 met very great interest among the visitors.

The demand of the industry for modern dissolvers „Made in Germany“ was emphasised by the concrete sales discussions that were held directly at the exhibition stand.

The end of the exhibition year took place at the Chinacoat in Shanghai. At the central joint stand, the exhibited KREIS-DISSOLVER®, 601-75 FU turned out to be a real visitor magnet. With more than 38.000 visitors the exhibition could set a new record one more time.