Extension of the development and management department / canteen

Innovation, flexibility and efficiency are largely defining our company’s success. Our engineers and technicians have many ideas which we want to develop and produce for our customers’ well-being. The current office area, especially in the departments design, service and development are not sufficient anymore. Based on a design of a well-known architectural office for industry Wannemacher + Möller from Bielefeld we have started with the expansion of our administrative office.

In construction phase 1 a new building with a useful area of 1200 m² on two floors is being constructed for the departments development, design, sales, administration and management. The completion and moving in is scheduled for June 2019.

In construction phase 2 a reconstruction of the present 900 m² office area for the departments service and purchase is planned. In addition to that a new canteen for all NIEMANN employees will be constructed. The final completion of the building measures is scheduled for June 2020.