Further MAZAK CNC-turning center Cybertec CT 4500 arrived

On June 06, 2018 NIEMANN received the new CNC-turning center MAZAK CYBERTEC CT 4500 with 2000 mm turning length and 12 powered tools.

All CNC-MAZAK-chipping machines used at NIEMANN are equipped with the worldwide most advanced CNC programming control system MAZATROL and can, therefore, be used alternating by many NIEMANN employees.

Already in 1979 NIEMANN has installed the first MAZAK CNC lathe (the worlds largest tool machine factory).

The NIEMANN production capacities of the CNC controlled tool machines are with this optimated once again and an economic production is guaranteed by a highly efficient processing (rotating and milling on one machine).

The current enormous demand oft the KREIS-DISSOLVER®s and the KREIS-BASKET-MILL®s made this step necessary.