Fine Grinding with KREIS-BASKET-MILL®

The KREIS-BASKET-MILL®  is mainly used to grind pigments or fillers in liquids. Target is to destroy the agglomerates ("clusters") and thus, to wrap every single primary particle with a liquid film and for this, high energies and peripheral speeds at the grinding disc are required.

Basically, all products that should be grinded have to be predispersed with a dissolver first. The quality of this predispersion has a considerable share on the output and fineness of the KREIS-BASKET-MILL®.

The viscosity and thus, the flow behaviour of the grinding stock has to be adjusted to the grinding process. The best grinding results are achieved in case of high viscosities. Low-viscous mixes cause a turbulent flow and consequently, long dwell periods.

Too high-viscous mixes avoid the grinding beads's acceleration inside the grinding basket even when the machine is running at high speed. The consequence is a poor grinding and a too high temperature is introduced into the grinding stock.

To meet the target, the solids share in the grinding stock should be chosen high enough that inside the grinding chamber according friction forces, resiliences and shear forces develop - depending on the peripheral speed which is to be adjusted by the speed.

BE = d³ * ρ *

d= XXX | ρ= XXX | v= XXX

The grinding media can, of course, be adapted to the requirements, so that, e.g., for products with high requirements regarding the fineness, grinding beads with a small diameter can be chosen.

The KREIS-BASKET-MILL®-design with the stadionary grinding basket and the rotating mixing shaft allows for execute the grinding basket double-walled and thus coolable. In addition, if necessary, the batch container is equipped with a double cosing. As a result, a removal of the heat energy generated in the grinding basket is guaranteed.
Too high-viscous batches reduce the grinding media acceleration in the grinding basket even at high speed of the grinding disc. The result is a poor grinding performance and a too high temperature entry into the product. As a result, if necessary, particularly the formulation of the solid content in the mill base has to be adjusted so that ideal flow conditions are given in the batch container.

Grinding under vacuum in the process area is also possible with the KREIS-BASKET-MILL®. Often, due to this, better results (product qualities and production performances) can be achieved. For some products, as e.g. pigment pastes, a usual evacuation is no longer required as a separate work step at another machine after the grinding.
Besides the economic feasibility, resulting from low operating costs (energy, cooling water, wear), high production performances and low cleaning effort, the KREIS-BASKET-MILL® stands for high product qualities. This is proven by product parameters such as fineness, colour strength, gloss and transparency.