Trials in our laboratory

In order to be able to demonstrate the advantages and effectiveness of our KREIS-DISSOLVER®s and KREIS-BASKET-MILL®s with your products our comprehensively equipped modern laboratory is available for you.

Together with you we carry out dispersing and fine grinding trials with your provided raw materials according to your demands. The best preconditions for positive trial results are the long term experience of our process engineers and the use of our worldwide acknowledged dispersion and process technology.

The achieved results can be transferred to the production scale. We would be pleased to be able to invite you to a trial free of charge and non-binding on our premises and remain at your disposal for date scheduling.


The following machines are available for trial proposals in our laboratory:

MachinesTypesDriving powerUseful volume
Vacuum-KREIS-DISSOLVER®V KDV 242-30 FU30 HP70 - 200 gal
Vacuum-KREIS-DISSOLVER®V KDV 48-5,4 FU5,4 HP0,8 - 8 gal
Vacuum-KREIS-DISSOLVER®-BUTTERFLYV KDVB 332-20/10 FU20 / 7,5 HPmax. 80 gal
Vacuum-KREIS-DISSOLVER®-BUTTERFLYV KDVB 48-4,0/3,0 FU4 / 3 HPmax. 4 gal
Vacuum-KREIS-BASKET-MILL®V KBM 180-20 FU20 HP 20 - 65 gal
Vacuum-KREIS-BASKET-MILL®V KBM 48-5,4 FU5,4 HP6 - 12 gal
Vakuum-KREIS-BASKET-MILL®V KBM/KDV 30-3,03 HP0,8 - 3 gal
Pressing out device for high-viscous products



Yes, the NIEMANN-KREIS-DISSOLVER® interest me!

Please send me information tailored to my requirement. For this I will provide the following data for the  performance measurement.

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